Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day from Make My Books.

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, we thought it might be a good idea to get you into the gift giving mode early with 5 Great Gift Ideas. 

Remember...Mom loves a unique and thoughtful gift so check out our Mother's Day special below! 

1. Through The Years Photo Book
On special occasions, we share memories with friends and family, rejoice in the lives we've lived and people we've become. We think of family members passed and new lives beginning. We've all experienced those moments when we wished we had all of our favorite snapshots from years gone by right at our fingertips. 

This year, select your favorites and compile your own Through The Years photo book for Mom's special day. From long lost ancestors to family vacations, your memories can be shared each day in the form of a beautiful keepsake!

2. School Years
As our children grow, the images of their youth become hazy (as I write this post, I can think of moments when I could not tell which baby was which when looking at photos). With a keepsake photo book from Make My Books, Mom can see her memories right before her eyes as each child grows year over year!  

Elementary Days - School pictures and elementary school events make perfect memories for a custom photo book you can share with the whole family.
Youth Sports - If Mom spends her weeknights running kids to and from practice and weekends on the sideline, you are probably sitting on a treasure trove of photos.
Junior High Life - Share the memories of first dances, good friends, and events that may be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of every day.

High School Memories - The road to adulthood is filled with images of love, friendship and success. Share these memories for years to come with a keepsake photo book.

Growing Up - Choose images from your child's early years and compile a photo book as a reminder of the joy you felt in watching your little one grow.

3. Special Day Photo Book

Whatever it may, birth of a new baby, even holidays, each special event has the ingredients for a perfect gift for Mom...a photo book from! No matter what the occasion, days that are near and dear to our hearts almost always include photos. 

From professional to candid shots, a keepsake photo book allows you to share your day with family and friends...while giving the perfect, personal gift.

4. Cookbook

Dinner time and special occasions probably means you'll find Mom scanning Pinterest for the perfect recipes. Now, you can create a thoughtful gift out of all those recipes. 

Compile Mom's favorites, newly created or passed on from generations of the past and create something she'll use for a lifetime. A great gift for generations of Moms!

5. Kid's Art 

There are few things that melt Mom's heart more than her child's handmade artwork. On the fridge or stored away, the sight of it can bring tears to her eyes. A Kid's Art photo book pulls all the memories together in one heartfelt gift. From their first 'scribbles' to their award winning creations, their work is a reflection of who they are. Precious memories frozen in time. Pull them all together and give Mom a gift she will cherish forever.

What memories will you share with your Mom this Mother's Day?

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