Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scanning Your Kid's Artwork

Check out this great post by Save Your Style on scanning your kid's artwork!

Here is a glance...
I have 2 cutie cakes, 8 and 4, both of whom go through paper, pencils, paint and what not making art. Some pieces are exceptional and I can’t bear to throw it out.  The rest of it… hmm. OK, OK for first time newbie Mums read ‘hmm’ as so adorable, tugging on the heart strings. For seasoned Mums – with all the love in my heart you know I really meant hot arse mess right? The ones where they draw a picture of you and your hair’s all over the place, if in fact you even have hair and you’re like 15 times bigger than Daddy, the sun or the family of T-Rex’s in the background. Then to top it off, looking at you with those big beautiful innocent eyes and beaming with such pride they ask you to hang it on the foyer wall for all to see? <speaking in my bestest American accent> OH HEEELLL NO!
My 4 year old Lyss is not a big TV watcher, never has been – but she has set her little heart on single handily trying to wipe out every tree with the amount of paper she goes through. My friend Jon incorrectly calls me wasteful and says every time I wake up in the morning the earth sighs. So, so wrong. Well for Lyss, the earth must fall into a full blown hissy fit each time she even looks side ways at a piece of paper. So what to do with about an inch thick of all that art work that she and big sis Kels create with such passion, going through paper in warp speed. Answer – scan it in baby! Save your walls, save your style.
With recycle bag at the ready – go thru each piece with your little one. Essentially everything is going to end out recycled, kid friendly term for tossed out. But initially it’s either scan it then recycle it or straight recycle it. I make a big deal of letting my kids know how much they are helping the Earth by recycling aka not filling the house up with rubbish. They love it. So go ahead and scan the art work in, and it’s at this point that you release your  $150 home scanner is a tad bit slower than the laser one in the marketing dept at work. Distract your little one and reduce the scan pile from the initial 40 pieces to oh say 6. Who’s’ got that kind of time, stop feeling guilty.

Read the whole article here:  http://shareyoureasy.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/save-your-style-scan-your-kids-art/

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